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Licence to operate a non-slewing mobile crane (greater than 3 tonnes capacity) - Formal Course Work

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Who Should Attend

Any person wishing to gain the skills required to obtain a High Risk Work Licence to operate a non-slewing mobile crane.


The aim of this course is to provide the participant with adequate knowledge to successfully complete the assessments required prior to application for a high risk work licence to operate a non-slewing mobile crane.

Course Outline

On completion of this course, participants will know:

  • Workplace Health & Safety Regulations and requirements
  • Underpinning knowledge & skills requirement (load shifting and calculations)
  • Equipment safety and specific theory
  • Practical operation of the machinery – operator checks and services, lifting techniques, communication

Pre Requisite

Participants must be 18 years old to undergo the assessment process.  Training and log book hours can be undertaken prior to turning 18.  Please contact our office to discuss your options.

Participants who have previous experience in Non Slew Crane operations are welcome to supply evidence to an ASTA HRW Assessor for review and approval.

Training Materials

During the initial first day of Formal Course Work (Classroom) the participants have access to support material for Non Slew Crane, power point presentations and safety videos. Hand outs relevant to Non Slew Crane operations will also be provided. Each participant will be required to complete an in class self-assessment.

Log Book

All participants will be issued with a Log Book which includes a training plan and a full explanation of the requirements for both the participant and the employer/supervisor. The participant is required to log on the job hours to show current competency.  This is to be supervised and signed off by a current ticket holder. The required hours are decided on skill, experience and evidence supplied. 


A separate enrolment is to be completed for the 2-day assessment. Once the participants log book hours and/or evidence are verified by the trainer, the participant will undertake a written theory assessment and a practical assessment. This can take place at ASTA or conducted onsite.  Please be advised that more than 3 working days notice must be given to WHSQ to conduct any assessment process.


On successful completion of the assessments, participants will receive a Statement of Attainment for TLILIC3006 Licence to operate a non-slewing mobile crane (greater than 3 tonnes capacity) and an information pack on how to lodge for their High Risk Work Licence at Australia Post.

This licence is renewable every 5 years.


The course will be delivered via a face-to-face format in either ASTA training rooms or at your workplace, depending on numbers, client requirements and training facilities.

Course Schedule

Call (07) 4153 2800 or refer to the online course calendar


3 days (Classroom) + nominal log book hours + 2 days (Assessment)  – Note – minimum and maximum participant numbers apply


$995 per person -  3 day Formal Course Work

$415 per person - 2 day Assessment

Cost do not include hire cost of Non Slew Mobile Crane for the practical assessment

No Public Course for Licence to operate a non-slewing mobile crane (greater than 3 tonnes capacity) - Formal Course Work scheduled at this time.
Please contact our office to discuss your training options.

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